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Required Resources:

Newspapers Bible LZ7 music video Visuals and Sound (Projector and Speakers etc)

Additional Materials:

LZ7 music video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C4XwH7UitU www.shineyourlight.com

Lunchtime Club for 11 to 14 year olds

Light the Way


Life & Living (Friendship, Trust, Choices)


Light of the World


Newspaper game:

Get a few newspapers and split them between two teams. The teams must go on either side of the room with a line in the middle dividing them. Get the teams to make as many balls with the newspaper as possible and then the game begins. Students must try and get their newspaper onto the other side of the room, whilst defending their own side of the room. At no point can any student cross the line to the other team's side. The team with the least amount of newspaper on their side at the end is the winning team.

Today we're looking at a passage of a woman that was in danger of being stoned to death... so a little bit scarier than being pummeled with newspaper. And we'll be looking at how Jesus called himself the light of the world... and what on earth the two accounts have to do with each other!

Read John 8:1-12


What does light do? (think of all the different types- lighthouses, flashlights, nightlights for kids etc)
i.e. exposes, guides, protects, comforts, calms fear etc. Light is also a symbol of hope and can be passed on to others.

Is light generally a good thing?
Would you like to live without it?
How was Jesus light for the woman? (protects her from danger, calms her fears, guides her the right way (to sin no more) etc)
How was Jesus light for the accusers? (revealed the darkness in their hearts, exposed their sin indirectly, even though they were trying to trap him and directly accuse the woman)

Play LZ7 music video: This Little Light of Mine.

Jesus says that if we are His followers then we are also the Light of the World, because He lives within us. (Matthew 5)

How can we be light to others?
(comfort, guide, protect, pass it on)


On LZ7's website (www.shineyourlight.com) there are several challenges that students can complete to help them shine their light.

Closing thought:

Jesus knew the woman's sin; it didn't need exposing as it was already out in the open. She needed hope and guidance for the future. The accusers, on the other hand, needed someone to expose their dark hearts and remind them that they were just like everyone else. In fact, Jesus was the only one able to throw the first stone because He was the only perfect person in the place. Yet he chose not to; but to forgive and comfort. Sometimes being light to people does not always look the same for every person we meet. Yet each of us needs something that the Light of the World can give.


Submitted by: Katy Hailes

Contact Details: kt4god@hotmail.com