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Required Resources:

Lots of bread Bible Toast (prepared in advance) Knives and Forks

Lunchtime Club for 11 to 14 year olds

What makes a Life giver?


Life & Living (Friendship, Trust, Choices)


Life to the Full


Bread Man Game:

Hand everyone a piece of bread. Their challenge is to make a man out of their bread. A prize can be rewarded to the most creative team.

Todays theme is looking at how Jesus promises to bring life. He said "I am the Bread of Life." We're going to look at how we can help bring life to others too.

Read John 6:25-40.

make sure they understand the context of the passage. The previous day Jesus had fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. He has fed the people physically. Now He was declaring that He was the bread that gives life- that He could feed them spiritually too!)


What is bread useful for?
Is bread a good or bad thing?
Remind the students that in Jesus' day bread wasn't just a side order or a part of your burger, it was the main course. Bread was a main part of their diet. Bread is also a universal food- people everywhere eat it!

Other than physical food, what are the things that people are hungry for in life?

What kind of life is Jesus promising? (full of purpose and eternal- He is not offering an easy life free of problems!) -
Remind them that there was 12 baskets left over after Jesus fed the 5000- He is a generous God and is well able to give us more than we can imagine!

How might we bring life to others? (Following the example of Jesus- physically and spirtually)
How can we help others to have a full life?
(A good verse to use is Proverbs 18:21 - How are your words bringing life or death to others?)

Closing thought:

Picking bread up (using a visual reminder) remind the students that bread is great for filling your stomach. But there are certain things you wouldn't go to bread for... for instance, bread can't help you with family problems or a bad day at school. Bread can't cure loneliness, or a need for love. However, Jesus is the Bread that provides all our needs in life. To stop your stomach being empty you need to eat the bread. Jesus says you can come to Him with the emptiness in your heart and life and he will fill you to overflowing. Once we've 'eaten' of the bread, we can share that life with others too. (Its a little cheesy- but it makes the point.)

Burnt Toast game: (if time or as an extra alternative)

Using burnt toast split the group up into teams and give them 6 pieces of burnt toast and knives or forks. They must scratch the 6 pieces of toast with their knives/forks to make one big picture. (Picture can be a man or church- something simple). A prize can be rewarded to the winning team.


Submitted by: Katy Hailes

Contact Details: kt4god@hotmail.com