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Smart/mobile phone

Assembly for 7 to 11 year olds

My Smart Phone


Faith (Grace, Love, Mercy)


Prayer - what is it and how can we pray to God?


Skit: Phone Call

Ask: Who has a mobile phone? Anyone got an iphone? Well I have one of these smart phones (it's so smart i don't understand it!). [Show mobile phone.] Anybody here like it?

It's amazing: you can put it on speaker so everyone can hear the conversation. Do you want to see it working? I know my mum is in I’ll call her, she’s in Sydney, Australia. Would you like me to call her? You could even say 'hello'! [Practise them saying hello.]

[Make a call to someone you know and engage in a debate. I have a script below you could use.]

Mum: Hello, who’s calling?
Me: Hi mum, it’s me, how are you.
Mum: Hello Son, I’m fine.
Me: What you doing?
Mum: I’m at home knitting you a new jumper – it’s very cold isn’t it!!! What are you doing? Are you on your own?
Me: No... [Get everyone to say hello]
Mum: Where are you?
Me: [Name school.] Anyway, I just wanted to ring up and say sorry I missed your birthday last week and the card is in the post.
Mum: That’s okay dear, I know you’re busy.
Me: Mum, Mum
Mum: Yes dear.
Me: Thanks for sending me those photo’s of Dad - is he feeling better?
Mum: Yes he’s fine... the bones are healed and a very nice man came and repaired the garage after he’d reversed through it.
Me: How’s Auntie Dot?
Mum: She’s well, she’s started running Marathons
Me: Wow and she’s 83! How’s your brother?
Mum: He’s well... They're going on holiday.
Me: Great, give them a big hug from me and tell them I am thinking of them. Mum could you help me, I am having a meal next week for some friends and I need some good recipes to cook, can you email them to me?
Mum: I must go dear, I’ve got to get dinner in the oven.
Me: Oh, one last thing... [Whisper] I love you.
Mum: Sorry dear, what did you say?
Me: I love you
Mum: You too, dear. Bye!
Me: Bye.


I really love my mum. I love speaking to her, because afterwards I always feel good inside.

Can you remember the three main things I said to my mum?

S Sorry (for sending her birthday card late)
T Thank you (thanked her for photo’s)
O Others (Asked how other people were)
P Please (can you send me recipes?)

Have STOP written on a piece of paper.

Mobile phones are great but they do have a down side – the batteries run out and then you have to wait to charge the phone before you can use it. So if you need to call urgently you could get stuck. That call to mum costs a lot of money as well.

We have another mobile phone and it works in the same way but the batteries don’t run out and it’s free to use.

The mobile phone I'm talking about is prayer. When we pray, we can use the same idea: STOP. Firstly we STOP what we are doing find somewhere quiet and then we’re ready to Go and pray.


S - Say sorry to God for things we do wrong that upset him and other people
T - Thank God for good things in our lives - like our family, friends, food, football - whatever!
O - Ask God to help others - for example, sick people, people in poverty...
P - Ask please help me with anything we are finding difficult.


Read Luke 18: 9 – 14. In this story, Jesus talks about two people who pray to God. One is very full of himself and the other one, who doesn't feel like he has any right to pray, cries out to God for help. Jesus says that it's the second person that God is happier with.

Sum Up

Anyone can pray, whenever and wherever you are. God wants us to pray to him so that we in turn get to know him better.


Jesus said a prayer and today I want you to listen to it and you can say amen at the end.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.


Submitted by: Mark Paddon (Hazel Grove Baptist Church)

Contact Details: mark@hgbc.org.uk