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Centre Profile

Nottingham Youth for Christ

What’s the most innovative thing in your schoolswork right now?

We’re really excited to be running ASDAN in our local schools. We’ve been running the Spirituality and Beliefs course with a group of students, and as part of it have taken the young people around different churches. They’ve been really interested by what they’ve seen and heard, and have been asking questions about all sorts of things. None of them would say that they’re religious but when they stop and think about some of the things we’ve challenged them on there are some definite places of crossover.

We’ve also run the Community module with them by taking them into the local Community Centre. Here they’ve done all sorts: helped resource a pantry for feeding homeless people, planned and cooked a roast dinner for clients of the café and helped to restore furniture…

The most exciting result from this is seeing the impact it’s had. We felt that the students were able to achieve the level higher than they were originally aiming for. The school were impressed that the students were doing so well and it really boosted the young people’s confidence and self-esteem when they found out that we believed in them and their capabilities.

What lessons have you learnt?

We’ve learnt that this approach is a great creative way of supporting the school. It’s a bit outside the YFC box – it’s different, more than just doing the conventional CUs or helping out with lessons, and shows our willingness to support them in exam equivalents. It’s like we have more “oomph” about us – like we’ve got a bit of depth.

And what’s in the pipeline?

We’re looking into how we can run the exploRE residential with our local school, which would be the first ever RE residential the school has offered its students. We’re pleased to begin working in two new schools, offering both ASDAN and exploRE. This is part of a new partnership with local churches in the area. We’re working with them to support them as they develop better community links – we can use our city-wide profile to equip the church to engage with their local school.

Contact Details: Centre Director Richard Dawson - office@nottinghamyfc.co.uk