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Centre Profile

Bath YFC

So, what's the most exciting thing you've been up to recently?

We recently completed our first full year of a weekly Girls Football after school club. The Bath YFC team work alongside youth workers from a local church to provide the girls with a facility where they can practice their skills and participate in training matches. Our first ever girl’s football awards and barbeque were held at the end of last term to celebrate the achievements of each young person involved. The most exciting thing about this was the feedback we received from the girls. They were asked what they had achieved over the course of the year. Comments included ‘To be more confident’, learnt to be a ‘team player’ and ‘I have made new friends’.

Bath YFC has also recently produced a report evaluating the impact of our presence in schools. The results are really interesting if you would like to have a look follow this link:


What lessons have you learnt that you think would be valuable to others?

- Don’t promise things that you can’t follow through with

- Don’t edit the information you give schools to try and please them – always be honest and up front

- Be reliable and do things well – put your best into everything otherwise it will be rubbish and no-one will come, or schools won’t want you to come back

- Definitely pray and fast for God’s favour in particular schools. I’ve recently been reminded of this as I’ve seen the difference it makes (better relationships with staff and young people, more young people coming to activities, etc). I've been really challenged by this quote from Effective Schoolswork: “George Otis Junior says that in 100 percent of the cases of community transformation he studied there are two factors which are always present. One is persevering leadership and the second is fervent, informed, united and sustained prayer."

- Think big, get God inspiration, then work out how you’re going to make out happen

- Use your own talents and interests to shape what you do in schools

And what’s in the pipeline?

Our team focus has shifted over the past year to see schools work become one of Bath YFC’s main priorities. The majority of our team are now working in schools; this has opened up a lot of new exciting opportunities. These include a new accompanying project (mentoring model) which aims to work alongside Year 6s in primary schools. We are also looking at our provision of lunch time activities in local schools and hoping to introduce lunch time skate board, Graffiti Art, Football and Dance lessons. I’m very much looking forward to what’s going to happen this year!

Contact Details: Kat Lazenby: Kathryn@bathyfc.co.uk


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