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Centre Profile

Aylesbury Vale YFC

So, what’s going on with your work in schools?
We’re doing all kinds of schools work. We do assemblies, occasional RE Lessons or RE Days and "Explore", our Christian Union Support. We deliver ‘It's Your Move’ – transition work which runs once a year in July partnership with Scripture Union. This enables us to meet the new year 7's and plug our activities to them. We run mentoring in groups and with individual students. We offer this with up to 8 students at a time, teaching values which help them in life and also in their school.

As well as this we offer bespoke training sessions, usually for 6th formers to train them to be 'peer mentors' for Year 6-9 students. We run a series of after school youth cafes which run on school sites, usually between 3pm and 6pm. We have specialised workshops for enrichment programmes. At the moment we run 'Studio Sessions’ for local schools at our Southcourt Studios project. Groups of young people are bussed-out to our location and we offer training on music recording, band practices, music theory, creating music (using computers); and also photography and manipulating photos (on computers).
What lessons have you learnt?
There are many lessons. We’ve found that using people’s talents in music, media and photography is a great way of encouraging Christian volunteers to enrich what we can offer in schools. Schools do not always have the specialized equipment or teaching capacity to enable young people with a passion for media and music to really excel. 
In terms of mentoring students, schools have really valued the input – especially the 'value based' teaching. This has helped students build confidence, improve attendance and most importantly helps us to build significant relationships with the individuals.

On a practical note, the training sessions we run for 6th formers have been beneficial and also lucrative! Schools have budgets to offer training to their pupils, so it is worth talking with Head Teachers and Extended Services, discovering where the areas of needs are and offering quality services.

We find that the Youth Cafes are a fantastic long-term vehicle for building significant relationships with young people and serving the schools we work in. Parents, teachers and especially the young people appreciate the regular and consistent love and attention offered there.

And finally, we’ve learnt that building relationships with the teaching staff is as important as building relationships with the young people. When we know the teachers well we are able to meet with them to discuss individual needs and progress or challenges. This makes the work more integrated and the teachers and the school can celebrate the impact the 'youth work' makes and also see the young people grow.

So what’s in the pipeline?
We have recently been asked to consider a role of 'chaplaincy' for 5 days a week in a local school. We are hoping to start 'dance workshops' for after-school enrichment programmes, or week-long enrichment programmes.  We’d also love to involve Christian staff in after-school groups and other activities to provide them with an opportunity to meet the students in another context and build relationships.

Equally we would like to enable more churches to partner and participate in schools work. Schools are open to subscribe to quality services. 
Partnerships with councils, Councillors, Governors and Head Teachers are paramount for building trust and long term projects. We need to keep working at this to see growth.

What they’re saying…
“The cafes have my full and enthusiastic support.  The impact of the cafe in Waddesdon is very positive.  Young people have somewhere safe to 'hang out' and enjoy positive activities and role models.  As a Head Teacher I am delighted with the service the cafe project provides for the community and hope that AVYFC will continue to enjoy the full support of the whole community in this important work.”
Waddesdon C of E School, Head Teacher, Peter Norman

“I am delighted to support the Café projects and the Southcourt Studios. Our students have benefited greatly from your intervention in the Academy with improved optimism, hope, attendance... I could go on! More recently our students have been thrilled at the provision laid on at Southcourt Studios and we are desperate to see it continue.”
Aylesbury Vale Academy, Principal, Jonathan Johnston

Contact Details: E-mail dave.rollins@avyfc.org.uk or visit www.avyfc.org.uk