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News and Articles

How to run a prayer space in school (Jun 2011)

Haverhill Schools Initiative tell us all about their recent foray into running a prayer space in their local school. Find out more here!


Love Your Local School: resourcing event (Oct 2010)

An excellent training and networking event for anybody who's looking to get more involved with their local school. (Saturday 20th November 2010, Chester.)


exploRE residential for schools (Oct 2010)

Fort Rocky meets exploRE for YFC's latest schools resource - exploRE: the residential at Pioneer Centre near Kidderminster. Read all about it here!


Challenges and Opportunities with the new Coalition Government (Jul 2010)

Everything changed in May of this year. We had a new government with new emphases and new directions. Nowhere was this felt more keenly than in the area of education.


Beyond RE and assemblies: faith across the curriculum part 1 (Jan 2010)

So you’re in ministry – either as a card-carrying member of the payroll or as an enthusiastic lay person with some spare time on your hands. You think children and young people are the most incredible people to speak to. You’re interested in education and would like to get more involved with the local school. What do you do now?


Just what do our children see? (Nov 2009)

Two beautiful children, a picture of innocence and youth, positively beam at me from the side of a bus. ‘Please don’t label me,’ they implore me. ‘Let me grow up and decide for myself.’ And how could anyone refuse such a reasonable request from such lovely kids?


The Good Sex Guide… in schools? (Oct 2009)

It was recently my privilege to spend a weekend with a couple of hundred enthusiastic 11 to 14 year olds on a Youth for Christ residential. As usually happens, there is a part of the programme where a panel take questions for anything and everything that the young people have on their mind – about life, about God, about faith in general.


The Good Childhood Inquiry (Mar 2009)

I’ve always thought that if you want a sensible answer to an important question, there’s one group of people guaranteed to give it: children. Children are the ones who truly hold a mirror up to society. Children don’t worry about tact or the ‘right’ answer. Children tell it like it is. Children speak from the heart. And when children speak, they inspire any and every kind of emotion – from joy and wonder to utter heartbreak.


The Children’s Plan (Feb 2008)

In June 2007, the Department for Education and Skills bade us farewell and shuffled off stage left. Enter our new hero: the Department for Children, Schools and Families. The title says it all. Forget the cold, heartless concerns of education, seeing young people as simply statistics in international league tables.


2008…Hope in Schools (Jan 2008)

2008 marks an exciting and potentially groundbreaking time for the church in the United Kingdom. Through the year of ‘Hope’ hundreds of thousands of Christians will draw together as they seek to share their faith with those around them.


How to do Assemblies... (Dec 2005)

It’s Monday morning. You stand there looking lost and you find 500 pairs of eyes are on you waiting to see if you’re as boring as the last visitor…yes, you’ve guessed it: you’re in an assembly for the first time and you have ten minutes to impart wisdom and gospel…


Schools Work - The Nuts & Bolts (May 2005)

I was in one of my schools the other day to do an R.E. lesson on 'suffering and the Tsunami', before the lesson I had "the call of nature" so I went to the staff room with Jason, an ex pupil who was shadowing my lesson (not my toilet trip!). I said to him casually - you wait in the staff room for a minute. But when I came out to find him I realised that he had been struck down with "the staff room fear" and could not build up the courage to go into the staff room, so was hanging about in the corridor with fear in his eyes. It is right that some staff rooms can make you feel about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit (!) but after ten years in that school I had forgotten what it feels like.


Make Poverty History and your Local School (May 2005)

This year offers a unique opportunity for youth workers interested in issues of poverty and justice to bring the topic home to young people through their schools. The Make Poverty History campaign has a high profile in the media and a strong celebrity backing.


RE in Schools (Sep 2004)

Statistics recently released show that there has been a massive increase in the number of students taking RE at both GCSE and A-level. In fact, RE is the fastest growing subject on the curriculum. Why is that?


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